7 Best Wasp Sprays in 2022

Wasp Spray

Living with wasps is not recommended. They are aggressive and will stop at nothing to protect their lands. Color and beauty don’t matter when it comes to these insects because stepping into their territory can trigger severe attacks by dozens, if not hundreds, of these tiny creatures. A spray is exactly what you need if you’re searching for a quick but efficient way to get rid of these pests around your home or lawn. Fortunately, we have reviewed the top wasp sprays for 2022 after carefully examining a variety of products.

Finding a high-quality fly spray or aerosol that will successfully eradicate every wasp breeding nearby will be difficult, just like finding any other product these days. After reading this guide, you no longer need to worry about finding one. Discover our top recommendations and how they can aid you in your effort to get rid of those little pests by reading on.

Best Wasp Spray of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Ortho Wasp Spray-Best Pick

Ortho Wasp Spray

This 16oz spray has many uses and can be used to get rid of yellow jackets, mud daubers, wasps, and hornets. Having a double-action entrapping foam, it is very effective and kills pests quickly. It is appropriate for use on entrances, carports, eaves, window frames, picnic and play areas, and other locations where food is not exposed. On top of that, you can use it indoors on surfaces like attics and walls where nests are built.


  • The jet spray reaches up to 20 feet above the ground, making it more effective to spray pests from a safe distance
  • It is featured a pinpoint foam that accurately reaches tricky surfaces where nests are hidden


  • Sells out frequently on Amazon

Spectracide Wasp Spray-Runner Up

Spectracide Wasp Spray

Are you looking for a portable, quick-acting aerosol to kill insects? You don’t need to look any further because this spray effectively kills pests on contact. In addition to hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, scorpions, caterpillars, and ants, it can also be used to kill a wide variety of other pest species. Additionally, it comes in a 22-ounce can, ensuring that it is adequate for use.


  • It works rapidly by entrapping pests and killing them on the spot
  • The jet spray reaches up to 27 feet above the ground, ensuring that you’re spraying far away from nests


  • You need to wait at least 24 hours to remove the treated nest

Raid Wasp Spray-Most Cost-effective

Raid Wasp Spray

If you need to spray a spot quickly, this killer spray is quite adequate, adaptable, and portable. Insects are instantly killed by its quick action. Any insect with a stubborn nature who attempts to return to the nest is killed by its residual action. Additionally, because of its jet spray’s 22-foot range and ability to reach pests and nests, it is appropriate for use far from nests. This spray is something to think about if you’re looking for a multi-purpose insecticide that kills a variety of insects, including hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps.


  • It is 100% free of chlorofluorocarbons
  • The residual action makes it effective over a long time after use


  • The spray jet may cease at times

HARRIS Wasp Spray-Also Consider

HARRIS Wasp Spray

Pests are instantly killed by this quick-acting spray, which is suitable for use while traveling. Rapid foam expansion allows it to quickly cover the entire nest. Both indoor and outdoor use are perfect for it. It can be used on indoor surfaces, including those in attics and other places where nests are constructed. Additionally, it weighs only 1.2 pounds, making it incredibly portable and ideal for picnics and outdoor excursions.


  • It is incredibly versatile and ideal for killing a variety of insect pests
  • The jet spray travels up to 20 feet away from rush while profoundly penetrating the nest


  • It is pretty heavy to carry around

Bayer Delta Dust Insecticide

Bayer Delta Dust Insecticide

Yellow jackets that are resistant to sprays are the target of this insecticide dust.

When used in enclosed spaces, the Bayer Delta Dust Insecticide gets rid of insects and pests that build nests there. It is a slow-acting insecticide that is used on the nest’s entrance. Both inside and outside use of the Bayer Delta Dust are permitted. It has a long shelf life and is waterproof.


  • Both indoors and out, it is appropriate.
  • It has an impact that lasts longer.
  • It offers good value for the money.


It is not an immediate fix.

Hot Shot Wasp Spray

Hot Shot Wasp Spray

This bug killer spray is ideal for getting rid of all bugs without leaving any behind. You don’t have to worry about being attacked by bugs or other pests when it’s by your side because it gives you control. Because it is made with a fast-acting formula, pests are killed right away. Use it at dusk when insects are at their least active for best results. It can also be used to kill a variety of pests, including tent caterpillars, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, and scorpions.


  • It does not stain surfaces, making it suitable for spraying sufficiently
  • The long-lasting nature ensures that all returning pests are killed days after treatment


  • Only outdoor use is appropriate.

Black Flag Wasp Spray

Black Flag Wasp Spray

This pesticide spray provides every feature you could possibly want. The spray is ideal for getting rid of a variety of insect pests, so you no longer have to worry about an infestation. It is created using a quick-acting formula that instantly kills pests upon contact. You can spray the nest from up to 20 feet away using this device. It quickly eliminates a variety of pests, including tent caterpillars, carpenter ants, and spiders (including brown recluse and black widow). Additionally, there is a money-back guarantee for the item.


  • The blanketing foam quickly spreads and thoroughly penetrates the nests
  • It is lightweight, making it suitable for spraying difficult areas


  • Stinging pheromones cannot be avoided quickly enough.

BASF Wasp Spray

BASF Wasp Spray

This 15-ounce spray is extremely powerful and operates without conscious thought. It is made with ingredients that act quickly, enabling it to quickly eliminate insects and insect pests. Because the jet sprays precise shots up to 15 feet away, you can use it with confidence regarding your safety. Because of the residual effect, it effectively eliminates reoccurring bugs over a few days after use.


  • It has a high dielectric strength which makes sure that you do not experience a breakdown
  • Due to its rapid killing action, it prevents the release of stinging pheromones


  • Not as versatile as other insecticides on the list

Buying Guide for the Best Wasp Sprays

The online market is flooded with very similar products that serve the same purposes when it comes to necessities like a wasp spray. How are the best distinguishable from the rest? This buying guide was created to help you quickly find a high-quality fly spray and to provide answers to your urgent questions.

How Does a Wasp Spray Work?

The way a wasp spray kills pests is different from many other insecticides. The pyrethroids used to make it can effectively paralyze wasps, bugs, and other pests. Pyrethroids are a group of different chemicals. Wasps are driven from their nests when the wasp bottle’s liquid is sprayed because of its powerful release.

What Factors Should You Consider before Buying a Wasp Spray?


You should be aware of a killer spray’s level of effectiveness before purchasing. In general, you should only choose pesticides that will quickly destroy nests and remain active for a long time. Additionally, be sure to select a pesticide that kills wasps entirely, even if they flee from the point of contact.

Residual Action

While it’s gratifying to see the tiny, ominous pests instantly perish, it’s equally important to eliminate any pests that may return. It will take a long-lasting spray that is ensured to kill all re-entering insects to accomplish this. The aerosol should be able to kill pests for several days after application, not just for a few hours. These sprays will guarantee complete eradication of all undetected bugs and pests.


How quickly your spray foam spreads throughout the target bugs’ nests will be greatly influenced by how quickly it forms. It also influences how sufficient it is when used. Therefore, you should make sure that the desired aerosol foams quickly when sprayed before making a purchase. By doing this, you’ll avoid the anxiety of applying an insecticide that hardly spreads to other areas of the target nests.

Spray Distance

You must make sure that the jet spray of your aerosol accurately reaches targets far from your spraying position in order to prevent getting stung by a runaway bug. In general, it’s best to stand between 17 and 24 feet away from target nests to avoid bug attacks. Additionally, if you want to hit your target area precisely, this distance range is ideal. You can avoid the stress of having to treat an insect-related wound by investing in a spray with a sufficient spray distance.

Brand Name

Examining the brand associated with a spray before purchasing it is one way to learn more about the product’s caliber. A good company with a well-known brand name ought to produce a suitable insecticide. The quality of a product and the materials used in its production are heavily influenced by the company that created it. Among the well-known brands in the insecticide sector are Raid, EcoSmart, Harris, Spectracide, and numerous others.

What Are the Types of Wasp Sprays Suitable for Killing Pests?


Wasps and other pests are best removed with a spray. It has substances called pyrethrins and pyrethroids that can effectively paralyze wasps. Additionally, by preventing pheromone secretion in the pests, it prevents them from retaliating when it comes into contact with the pest. These sprays have jets that enable them to effectively spray insects from a secure distance.

Aerosol Foam

A spray’s purpose is similar to that of an aerosol foam. It differs from the latter in that it traps the pests by producing foam when it comes into contact. By paralyzing the pest, the aerosol foam serves another purpose. Additionally, the aerosol foam spreads rapidly after striking the insect nest, ensuring that it successfully traps and paralyzes every insect inside.

Liquid Concentrates

A liquid concentrate is the next-best choice if pests persist despite aerosol and spray treatments. Because of its adaptability, it can be used to treat different types of flies. This kind of spray is simple to use. Simply combine the appropriate quantity of concentrate with water to get started. It’s also important to keep in mind that one bottle of liquid concentrate can be used to create about 40 spray gallons. Ensure that you combine according to the concentrate’s label instructions.

How Much Should a Wasp Spray Cost?

The cost is always an important factor to take into account when it comes to necessities like insecticides. Fly sprays typically cost between $4 and $15, with premium brands costing no less than $4.55. An insecticide’s cost is influenced by a number of additional elements, including its effectiveness, quantity, ingredients, and extras. However, you must always keep in mind that the highest-quality sprays are not necessarily the most expensive. The substance used to create the spray will affect its quality.


Ortho Wasp Spray is our first pick since it’s very efficient and kills pests rapidly and can be used both indoor and outdoord