When to Start Decorating for Fall – 2022 Guide

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When should you begin your autumnal decorating? Really, it comes down to personal preference. While some simply observe the weather changes and redecorate accordingly, others begin within the first two weeks of October. A good general rule of thumb is to start your interior decorating in late September or early October. Your outdoor decorations can match the season once it’s cooler outside and the leaves have changed.

Here is a schedule you can use if you want to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving as well.

When Should You Start Decorating for Fall?

‘As we prepare for the changing seasons and cooler weather, the fall is a great time to spend time with your family. It is the perfect season to consider overhauling your space to make it feel inviting in a way that your home might not for the rest of the year,’ says Lucy Searle, Editor in Chief of Homes & Gardens. ‘For me, fall is a particularly lovely season. Known for its sumptuous fabrics and vibrant color palette, it is the perfect time of year to experiment with the bolder, earthier hues that are already in style this year.’

Although there isn’t a specific time to begin fall decorating, there are a few things you can keep in mind to help guide your choices and keep summer from feeling like it’s coming to an early end.

1. Wait for the Cooler Weather

When the weather starts to get cooler for longer periods of time, that is the best time to start decorating for fall. After the intense heat of summer, cooler weather is often the first herald of the fall season and can help to make fall decor such as living room fall decor ideas feel all the cozier. You might also want to watch for leaf changes as a result of the changing weather. The beautiful red and orange tones of autumnal leaves are a great signifier that fall is approaching – and the warm colors look lush as a backdrop to your outdoor fall decor ideas.

Cooler weather also allows for the lighting of fireplaces and wood stoves, making fall mantel decor ideas more appealing.

2. Start the Season on October 1st

Despite the fact that the fall season officially began on September 22 with the fall equinox, the start of the “spooky” season is on October 1. October is the perfect time to begin adding fall decor or Halloween decorating ideas to your home in preparation for the holiday.

3. Decorate at the Same Time as Neighbors

If you are worried that the summer is coming to an early end, ask your neighbors if it is time to start decorating for the fall.

You want to remain a considerate neighbor, so start your decorating, especially outside with your fall porch ideas, when you notice other people doing the same thing. There is nothing worse than Halloween decorations lighting up the street a month and a half too early, especially if they are bright and loud.

If you’re waiting for other people, it might be a good idea to start small. For example, you could hang an autumnal wreath on your front door and invite others to do the same.

4. Decorate for Fall Without Halloween Influences

Consider using decor items that don’t reference Halloween if you want to start decorating your home for fall early.

Consider soft furnishings in shades of red, orange, and yellow, candles with an autumnal theme, plush throws, and cushions with subtler pumpkin and leaf motifs for subtle fall décor. Introduce rustic elements such as dried flower arrangements and wreaths to bring fall color schemes and natural brown tones into the home.

5. Decorate for Fall in Stages

If you don’t know when to start your fall decorating but can’t wait for the weather to cool off, think about making gradual, small changes to your home.

To make room for fall decor, start by clearing out summer accessories like cushions, floral arrangements, centerpieces, and thinner throws. Start enhancing the room with thicker soft furnishings in more opulent materials like velvet and wool, or even by switching out table décor items like runners and napkins. Cleaning out your hearth in preparation for brisk fall evenings is another smart thing to think about doing right now as you prepare your home for the colder months.

As the season progresses, buy pumpkins and other seasonal plants for fall color to adorn your home and front porch, before finally embracing fall fully with more direct decor pieces and decor for Halloween.

What is Considered Fall Decor?

Anything associated with autumn is considered to be fall décor. Cozy fall decor items include candles, pumpkins, and warmer-toned accents like soft furnishings. In order to distinguish Halloween from the fall season, try to avoid using Halloween-themed decorations like the stereotypical bat, cobweb, or spider motifs.

Insider’s Tip

fall deco

Any fall decorations that won’t fit with your Christmas theme should be taken down and stored during the last week of November.

Dressing Up Specific Spaces for the Season

Decorating for the transition from summer to fall is all about adding fresh textures, accents, and foliage in a color scheme that more accurately captures the cozier feel of the season. Plan your home’s décor accordingly because it will determine the mood for a significant portion of the year. Here are some concepts to get you thinking creatively.


Welcome your visitors with a smile and warmth. Decorate your front door or porch with colorful accents that highlight the bounty of nature. Your doorway will be illuminated by lush wreaths and garlands with foliage in shades of bronze, gold, brown, and orange.

For visual interest, include additional components. Pre-lit pumpkins complement the harvest theme nicely and distinguish themselves from the traditional jack o’ lanterns with their distinctive, weathered appearance. When nightfall arrives, classic metal lanterns emit a regal radiance and cast a warm glow.

Outdoor Areas

Make your outdoor space a respite from the warm, opulent decor inside. Dress up seats and sofas with wool throws, then drape sparkling string lights along railings or tree branches for entrancing sparkle. Pumpkin accents are arranged with flameless candles of various sizes for a sophisticated autumnal display.

A copper fire pit is a stunning centerpiece if you’re excited to host events outside. It produces a warm atmosphere that tempts visitors and loved ones to stay a little while longer.

Living Room

Replace cotton pillows with ones made of rich, textured fabric for a simple way to update your living room. This season’s top choices include soft velvet, faux fur, herringbone, tweed, and herringbone. Cashmere throws and blankets add a touch of sophistication to your couch and are the perfect addition for chilly fall nights.

It’s time to update your hearth’s decor for the fall now that summer is over. To make a wonderfully cosy focal point, adorn it with autumnal accents like gourds, twigs, candles, and pinecones. By adding FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS to the mantel or coffee table, you can bring cheery pops of color into your living room.

Chrysanthemums, asters, camellias, and dahlias are among the widely used seasonal flowers. To continue the autumnal theme and offer your flowers a pleasing contrast, select pots and urns in soft earth tones.


Stunning centerpieces and dinnerware with an autumnal theme will dazzle your guests. A creative arrangement of apples, twigs, berries, dried leaves, and pinecones sets the mood for your fall celebrations and is a great way for you and your guests to start a conversation.

The dessert tables and bar carts should also feature a fall theme. Accessories with a warm or neutral color scheme and flameless candles help to create an autumnal atmosphere.


Your kitchen can become a welcoming haven for chilly autumn evenings with a few straightforward adjustments. Small wreaths, garlands, or tabletop arrangements made of seasonal foliage bring the beauty of the season inside. Whether baking a Thanksgiving pie or relaxing with a cup of tea, lanterns cast a warm glow over kitchen activities.


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5 Ways to Decide When to Decorate for Fall:

  1. Wait for the Cooler Weather Start the Season on October 1st Decorate at the Same Time as Neighbors Decorate for Fall Without Halloween Influences Decorate for Fall in Stages